Creative Copywriting

Creative copywriting should be clear, authentic, accurate and persuasive. It should reflect the passions and interests of your company, by firstly establishing who your target audience is and making a connection with them. Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer. Source : Shirley Polykoff PTO (Copywriting / Brand Identity / Campaign / Point of […]

PR Material

PR material is anything informative that promotes an organisation and makes the public aware of it. It is an integral part of an organisation and can have a profound effect on how a company is seen in the public eye. First impressions always last, therefore, it is crucial that the quality of your PR material […]

Integrated Marketing

Having an integrated marketing approach requires a lot of effort as it takes a strategic view of what you are trying to achieve. It also has the potential to deliver a much better return on your investment. Not only that, but it can create a competitive advantage, boost your sales and ultimately your profits, whilst […]


Editorial design is a collaborative exercise, which needs a number of strong team members in order to produce a relevant, engaging publications time after time. Here are some principles that we have honed over the years that have resulted in award winning results: Consistency with our design is very important as it not only represents […]

Offline Design

When we spoke about the similarities between online design and offline design and how continuity is key to your brand messaging, we were not suggesting that you use the exact same imagery and messaging, or indeed the same tone of voice for both mediums. It all comes down to the purpose of the individual piece and […]

Digital Campaigns

Digital marketing and specifically digital campaigns have now become the cornerstone of any marketing strategy. Because of the variety of mediums and devices at our fingertips, these new technologies and platforms have taken over from our normal channels of TV and print media. As a result there’s now an even bigger need to come up […]

Display Advertising

Display advertising is generally associated with advertising on websites or social platforms. It covers many different formats and styles and it contains elements such as text, imagery, video, and audio. The main purpose of display advertising is to deliver brand messages to site visitors with the ultimate goal of having a call to action at the end […]

Online Design

In many cases you may think that online design and offline design are one in the same thing, considering they both use the same skill set and tools to put your message in front of a potential customer. However, whilst they do share many common similarities, there are also many differences between the two that […]

Exterior Graphics

Have you ever thought about how you get seamlessly from one place to the next or why you feel more comfortable in one particular space or surrounding than another? Well, we help thousands of people do, and feel this on a daily basis. For many this seamless integration of getting from A to B has […]


Way-finding forms the core of what experiential graphic design can do to improve peoples experience of a place. For example, if you were to ask any hospital clerk or porter how visitors to their building perceive the experience of their facility, they will more than likely tell you that if a visitor can’t find their […]

Environmental Design

Our design thinking enables us to assess how environmental design addresses the surrounding environmental challenges and opportunities when observing how it effects culture, vision, program plans, policies, buildings, or products. Also referred to as Environmental Graphic Design (EGD), it embraces many design disciplines including graphic, architectural, geographical, urban planning, landscape architecture, interior and industrial design. All of these elements are concerned with the […]

Service Design

Service design is all about making the services we use usable, easy and desirable. Services are all around us; buses, shops, social platforms, doctors, restaurants, technology partners and the media. These all help us get to work, get our food, or keep in contact with each other. A service happens over time and is made […]


Dlr (Event Collateral) On a daily basis we are bombarded with information in our inbox and post box hence, the more aesthetically pleasing the design of your newsletters, the more likely it is to catch the readers attention. If you send newsletters via email, it is highly likely that your customers read them on their phones. […]

Annual Reports

Annual reports should be informative, visually pleasing and why not memorable and fun too. It is important to decide what you want to achieve with your annual report, what impact you want to make and what story you want to tell. Medical Council (Annual Report / Collateral / Envirnomental) The best annual reports can do […]


Events are an excellent, fun way of promoting your brand and expanding your business. In today’s tech heavy world, we are constantly craving innovation and inspiration. People are in search of real tangible, visceral experiences that engage us. Therefore, it is crucial that your event stands out for all the right reasons and we would […]


The way we experience the world is constantly changing and progressing. There is significant shift in how we experience products, places and environment and it is forcing companies to step their game up to compete. It is crucial to find new intriguing methods and experiences to catch your audiences attention such as experiential design. I […]


Presentations are a clear reflection of your company, your product, your service and who you are. It is crucial that your presentation is representative of your brand.  Consistency and cohesion in your communication leads to greater brand awareness and recognition. O’Connell Mahon (Tender Presentation – NCHI)  Consistent design is intuitive design. Source : UX Design […]


Packaging is created to sell a product as well as protecting it, therefore form and function are paramount. It should be simple, eye-catching and depict some sort of emotional engagement with the audience. There are hundreds of other products shouting out on those shelves to be chosen, for this reason you need to stand out. […]

Social Media

Nowadays, people want to see the personality behind the brand. What better way than on social media platforms. It’s important to promote your brand but also enhance people’s experience of the platform. For example, on Instagram more and more businesses are creating a visual diary to promote their brand and give a good insight into […]

Exhibition Design

Exhibition design is the shaping of the experience of a space and its contents. The overall design of an exhibition should be eye-catching, reflective of the personality of your company and brand, and should be aesthetically pleasing in order to leave a lasting impression. This form of design uses many methods such as sight, sound, […]


Advertising has the power to change the way people think. It has the potential to sell millions of products. It can be a very powerful tool to promote a company’s product or brand awareness. It is no secret that the real world in which the designer functions is not the world of art, but the world […]

Video Creation

What is the story behind your brand? Because we want to tell it in the most engaging and eye-catching way. Video creation is the best way to simplify your story, making it easier for your audience to understand and clarify your brand message. Nowadays, it is getting more difficult to catch a viewer’s attention and […]

Logos and Trademarks

Logos and trademarks are identifiable visual devices used to represent a company. Logos and trademarks can be colourful shapes, imagery, typography or a combination of both. This visual device is used to help customers to remember a company’s brand. Logos and trademarks are more memorable when they are simple, timeless and versatile. When considering your […]

Mobile Apps

In this crowded marketplace, it is crucial to stand out. Companies are connecting with their customers through many other methods than just advertising, you can convey your message through many fresh ideas such as mobile apps. What better way than having your brand right in the pocket of your customer. Mobile applications can set you […]

Creative Guidelines

Creative guidelines are a rulebook that contain and prescribe the usage of logos, typefaces or fonts, colour palettes and layout guidelines. Creative guidelines are an integral part of ensuring consistency and cohesion which is crucial for brand awareness. A good brand “bible” helps you stay true to your organisation’s mission by ensuring that your message […]

Corporate Identity

Your corporate identity is the visual representation of your company and it is comprised of all visual elements of the company, the logo or logotype, the colour palette, the typefaces or fonts used and tone of voice to provide a unified vision. It is crucial that a company’s identity is always consistent and cohesive and […]

Interior Graphics

Your office environment is the physical embodiment of your brand. Therefore, your interior graphics need to be functional, however, that shouldn’t stop them from being beautiful and inspirational. Whether clients are dropping into your office or employees are working there, the organisation of the space should clearly reflect your identity. Any branded environment can support […]


Infographics is another word for data visualisations and it can be in the form of a diagram, a map and a chart. But ultimately it always tells a story. Visual storytelling is a crucial way of promoting your brand these days. Your brand is how the world see you and by telling stories you’ll find […]

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is a means of communicating through colourful, moving shapes, images and typography or text. It clearly and cleverly communicates your idea to your target audience. It is a fast refreshing way of visually organising what you are trying to convey. Motion graphics can transform a boring message into an entertaining and memorable experience. […]


With the growth in pop-up shops providing a more personal experience for customers, we can provide ephemeral merchandising. Whether you want to launch a new product, promote your services, or reconnect with your with your clients then ephemeral merchandising is a great option. It is a fun and tactile way of reaching out to your […]

DM Campaigns

DM Campaigns or direct mail campaigns are a method of reaching your customers by sending out simple postcards, flyers, catalogues or email, so you are in direct contact with them. DM campaigns are an effective and personal way to reach existing and potential customers. dlr (DM Campaigns / Exhibition / Events) A good list, a […]

Uniform Design

Uniform design instantly identifies a company and gives a more personal, human touch to your brand. The members of your staff are an extension of your brand and their uniforms are a great way of reflecting your companies culture and strengthening your brand. It gives you an edge over your competitors. Good design is obvious. […]


Design helps you engage your customers in a meaningful and memorable way and what better way than livery design. We provide designs of high quality graphics for your vehicles. Your vehicles are a great way of advertising your company on the go, effectively reinforcing a customer’s perception of your company and improving brand awareness. Design […]

Point of Sale

Most three dimensional point of sale (POS) material is usually found next to the checkout counter in a retail space to attract the customer to the product or special offer. POS is a specialised form of sales promotion which we provide to your business to increase sales and enhance your customer’s perception of your brand. […]